I remember his feet
steady on my belly
allowing me to fly

and tickling my own
ruthlessly till I swear
I thought I'd die

and I loved him so
even though he
sometimes scared me

and I grew confused
when he lovingly
called me useless

and then his virgin
daughter fell in love
with that slick drummer

and I hated him so
when he sternly said
absolutely no way in hell

and then I was gone
for way too long
with the music but

their chess game
went on and on and
daddy always won

the human flaw
he human element
his human nobility

my early years of that
far away fast lane so
closely intertwined

with his presence and
quiet solid support as
I watched him build

his mountain dream
shifting wood with
mother at his side

years eclipsing life
and the transit can be
smooth as deerskin

but doncha know
even the slow lane
can kill ya...