Norwegian Ice~
Norwegian ice
melts by noon
upon frozen
stony ground

melodic strings
sweep the air
and dogs howl
to the sound

darkened by
the moon

frosty hearts
lay rigid
where flowers
seldom bloom

someone said
are you alright?
you look so
pale with fright

and I replied
I am fine
I'm wakin' up

winter plateau
golden moon
fears of

forgive my sins
I've loved within
one perfectly

carved concussion

red sun at midnight
lookin' for the moon
on a snow-crusted
sharp-edged ridge

and in deadly silence
o're the valley of my youth
looms the arch of
an old golden bridge

bright and beautiful
it crashes through
as darkness
fades to light

and I wonder why
the road's so long
from Hell
to Paradise...

golden moon
turns to dust
with a passion
once forbidden

and it flows into
an endless sea
cherished, loved
and hidden

nature's drama
forever frozen
but the sunset
goes on and on

magical moments
lost in time
the dawn

wild blueberries
in cold Nordic fields
eat them and
pay the price

and know nothing exists
as exquisite as this
to be crushed by
norwegian Ice...