Labyrinth~Written By LizyBordom~
labyrinth of love
lead me astray
dark corridors
pave my way

winding, twisting
urging me on
with no direction
to rely upon

tunnel of knowledge
my book of years
moving passages
to still the fears

pedestrian minds
at every bend
groping for love
to the bitter end

blind navigation
maps betray
petals of lust
mark the way

I hear his music
floating through light
guiding me forward
abating my fright

complex hallways
lonely rooms
empty beds
hollow tunes

a hurricane
within these walls
grab her tight
before she falls

touch me
feel me
love me
heal me

I journey on
inch by inch
blindly through
my labyrinth

empty hallways
deadlocked door
stagnant battles
of love and war

lost in your eyes
found in your heart
separate lives
that never part

winding roads
that never end
toss and turn
'round the bend

spin three times
go back, go back
trace the path
cover your track

the door of love
with hinges of gold
unlock the essence
of truths untold

my labyrinth puzzle
so binding and true
and it always, always
leads back to you...

The Artist