Auld Lang Syne~Written By LizyBordom~2004
Cheers to the lonely
This New Year's Eve
And hail to the widows
Alone in their grief

A salute to the mighty
This one's on you
And here's to the boys
In red, white and blue

And lest we forget
The artist who paints
A shot for the sinners
And two for the saints

May his brush enflame
As their faces ignite
And God bless the selfish
Alone in their plight

Cheers upon cheers
For those who walk
And life's very best
For those who cannot

A toast to the children
Who lay in wait
Embellish the love
Instead of the hate

By all that is mighty
I hold up my glass
A Happy New Year!
To all those who pass

Thru this book of years
And the great unknown
To those who remain
To those who have flown

To mom and to dad
And sibling alike
May the future be blessed
With earthly delight

And pledging sobriety
Lets open that trunk
And bring out the brandy
For the thirst of the drunk

I salute the strong
And with resolution
I hail the meek with
Frail constitution

Raise your glass high to
Those 'neath your station
They deserve a worthy

And for all acquaintances
Who watched me shine
May you greet the year
With all that is mine

I give you my love
I've nothing to lose
And with that in mind
I hand you my muse

May he watch and protect
And love without shame
And should you fall flat
Remember his name

Steady, steady
And hail to the chief!
Walk steady, baby
And show me no grief

Tonight I dream
And I dream alone
Of all that has passed
Thru this flesh and bone

Friends aplenty and love
Unsurpassed and the few
Who saw through the
Cloth of my mask

Come hither, then
And bid me adieu
Out with the old and
In with the new

Whisper you love me
As midnight strikes
I'll close my eyes
And dim the lights

Be still, be still
This heart of mine
A cup of kindness
For times gone by

And ther's a hand
My trusty friend
And gie's a hand
O' thine

We'll tak' a
Cup o'
Kindness yet
For auld lang syne.

One last toast
Raise em' high!
For those who chose
Not to die

Tis' brave, I say!
To venture on
And God bless those
Who tarry on

For auld lang syne, my dear
For auld lang syne
We'll tak' a cup o' kindness yet
For auld lang syne...

The melody fades
As morning dawns
And a robin
Takes to flight

Happy New Year to you
And to those I have touched
And to one and to all a
Very merry goodnight!