you gently strolled
into my life one
late mid-winter
frosty night

and wrapped within
your clever words
were pain and want
and guarded fright

you danced before
my very soul
it was such a
simple step

it made me laugh
it made me cry
you took away
my breath

you spoke to me
of love and death
you mystified
my heart

you gave me hope
you let me dream
and you spoke
to me
of art

you sensed my ache
I felt your pain
and I
your lines

the drink you sip
Is the drink of love
but you wear the
rags of time

my hair blows wild
against the wind
and the moon calls
out your name

listen to these
thoughts of love
for they are
yours to claim

listen to my
thoughts of fear
they lay scattered
at your feet

I see dried up seeds
of broken dreams
and memories
you hold dear

a handsome face
and clever wit
fall short at
hiding scars

I know this place
I know this game
and I know
who you are

time is passing
quickly now, like
the wind does
through the trees

thoughts of you
run rampant, still
do you ever feel
the breeze?

yes, I may walk
this road alone
beneath this

and these eyes
may see no future
but they know well
the past

this moment is where
I now dwell and
this storm makes
my flesh yearn

I hear your angry
thunderous roar
and my fever
starts to burn...