color me your fancy
then color me your flame
color me with thoughts of love
and I shall do the same

paint me like a midnight dream
with colors rich and wild
stroke me with a tender brush
bewitched and beguiled

stretch the canvas strong and tight
and watch the shades unfold
may the painting you create this night
be vibrant flowing, and bold

color me with feeling
paint me with your heart
I'll color you with no remorse
should we ever part

I've painted you with anger
and I've painted you with lust
I've painted you for so long now
your soul is on my brush

color me with passion
and paint me like a sin
but take me not for granted
It's lonely painting wind

never let it gather dust
hang it high upon your wall
view it with respect and joy
and it will never crack and fall

and be there moments in your life
when the painting seems to fade
and you can't recall the colors used
or the love with which it was made

remember this above all else
close your eyes, sense, feel
the hues you see are shades of me
I'm your woman and I am real...