Name Of Site: Sleeping Tiger
URL: TIGER/index.html

How old are you?
Get real.

When did you start your site?
I wrote Sleeping Tiger on September 12th/2001 and the
others followed as the inspiration hit.

Marital Status? Solitaire~ :(

Occupation - What kind of work do you do?

I spent 10 years of my life on the road singing (rock/blues/top 40/show) throughout
the United States and Canada. I then spent another 10 years working in beauty salons
designing sculptured nails and working as a make-up artist. Seven years ago someone
gave me a computer, and I haven't been heard from since... hahahahahaha, so sad.
But I love this! I now do web design for a living.

Hobbies - What do you like to do, besides keep this site?
I could probably answer this if someone would drag me away from this desk. :)

Location - Where are you from? Where are you now?
I am a native Californian and now reside in Orange County, California.

Why did you start writing your Web site?

I was angry, shocked, scared and saddened beyond belief as I watched the planes
crash into the twin towers (Yes, I was awake). It was so surreal, but I knew within seconds this would be the start of a very long and ugly war. I cried the entire time as I wrote Sleeping Tiger,and went through the same emotions as I wrote Lady , Eagle, and all the others. I added a link to the bottom of the Eagle page which downloads a narration I recorded of the poem. I had to do it a dozen times before I was able to get it down without my voice cracking. These are troubled times for so many people throughout the world.

What is your site about?

This particular section (Sleeping Tiger) deals with the travesty that occured on September 11th/2001. It is basically poetry I have written, but I try to make each page uniquely different. I want it to be an "experience" for those who view them. I search the web for hours on end to locate the perfect music and sound effects for each page. The video clips on Danger Zone are very disturbing, but they need to be viewed. I also use my own voice on several of the pages. I like to get a reaction out of people. Sometimes it is negative, but not often. I was refused "admission" to one ring by someone who said my site did not deal with New York or the Pentagon, and that my crashing plane animation on the Sleeping Tiger poem offended her. She also found the small nuclear explosion shocking and in bad taste, so I was dismissed. But you see, I WANT people to react to these things. I want people to THINK, and consider the possibilities of what may or may not happen in our lifetime as a result of 9/11.
These are realities as far as I am concerned, and should be addressed. I create alot
of my own graphics which are linked to all animations and/or photos on each of my
pages. Some of THOSE have even offended a few, but not many. Overall, this has
been a good creative outlet for me to express my own fears and feelings of sadness
surrounding this horrid event. And I hope I speak for many other Americans at the
same time.

Why do you write a site about your interest or hobby?

My website ( is half a gig. It covers alot. ;)

Do you communicate with readers of your site?

Oh yes, quite often. I also try to email them links to new pages, etc. I think alot of
people don't realize Sleeping Tiger leads to a series of other pages, but thats alright.
I feel satisfied if they have read only Sleeping Tiger, although I wish more people
were aware of my EAGLE page... I am especially proud of that one. :) TIGER/eagle/index.html

How much email feedback do you receive from your site? Is it mainly positive or negative?

Ah... feedback. Well, this is quite interesting. I wrote Sleeping Tiger
(the first page on the Tiger section) the day after the attack. It took me perhaps two days
to complete, at which time I probably sent it out to 20 or 30 friends. My partner
and web design Guru in Seattle (who is also my server) told me he had never
seen anything like it. Our counter went completely beserk, and the guestbook entries
were just phenomenal. I mean... I was receiving 30 to 40 (maybe more) entries and
comments per day! It was mindboggling, but the comments were so rewarding for
me personally, and continue to be. Within two weeks Sleeping Tiger had almost one
million hits, and it wasn't even listed! As a result of Sleeping Tiger, Google was forced to recognize LizyBordom. I think they have 20 pages of me now.

The guestbook has, as of today, almost 2,000 comments from people all over the
world. I think there may be half a dozen negative entries, but even those are positive
overall (any negativity is more often than not directed toward some particular
graphic they may not have cared for). I used a guestbook that is large and clear
and easy to read, and the comments from these people are just astounding. So much
emotion there. Really amazing.

Have you met any new friends because of the site?

I hope so. :)

Has your motivation changed over time?

Not really. My inspirations change, of course, with the changing of events.
As of today, I am through with that section. I wrote Aftermath on the 1-year anniversary of 9/11. That is the final page for me. I'm wiped out. Perhaps I need to back off a bit and focus on other things, but it's difficult for me to do that considering the state of the union. If I could, I would really like to disappear right about now... go to Catalina Island for a week
to clear my head. Alas, I am a starving artist.

How has it changed your life?

Hmm... I spose it has given me a certain amount of confidence, which I needed,
by the way. Someone important to me pointed this out, and told me I should no
longer feel such hopelessness. Yaright.

Do your friends and family know you keep this site/read it?
If so have you had any really negative experiences as a result? If not why?

Yes, they all know and are quite proud, I think. I have a large and wonderful family
who are, for the most part, all on the internet. Most of them have signed my
guestbook, although I have a difficult time getting the men to sign!! Grrr...

How has your Web site benefited you? Your friends? Or total strangers?

I HOPE it has benefited in some way... all who view it. That is my wish. :)

If you had to do it over again from the beginning, what would you change?

The event that inspired me. I would wipe that from the map of history, in about a New York minute.

What are your favorite things on your site?

Yikes. Hmm... tough question. My poetry is my baby, and I suppose one of my favorite things would be the animations I use and the graphics I link from them, and the music, of course. Music is essential to all my pages... but you will just have to go to the
site to experience it, won't you. ;)

When looking at other people's Web sites what do you look for as a viewer?

I look for creativity and clarity. I like a page that is neat and easy to navigate.
And I like a page that grabs me. I hate incorrect spelling, really bothers me.
I myself have a periodic problem with punctuation, and I appreciate it when someone
emails me to point out a mistake. I like pages that are... creative and not the norm.

What is "one word" that would describe your site?

No clue. Maybe... innovative?

Because of your site do you consider yourself a Web celebrity, an exhibitionist,
a public figure, a writer, an innovator, or something different?

No... but there are those who do. HA! All kidding aside, I like the innovator thing if you please.

How do you tackle the mechanics of Web design and how do you deal with your
frustrations when you can't do what you envision.

omg... heh. THERE'S a loaded question! I tackle the mechanics by doing what
I know, and if I need to learn how to apply something I have no knowledge of, I call
my Guru, Stuart! He has been invaluable to me. He has taught me web design by phone
and over the computer from Santa Barbara, San Diego and Seattle, which is where he now lives.
He is someone who befriended me on aol a few years ago and was somewhat
impressed by a wav I wrote and created with my own voice called AOL-Divorce (which is now an internet classic). He became my teacher, so to speak. He gives so much, and asks for nothing in return other than I learn it all using the MOST DIFFICULT DAMN PROGRAMS KNOWN TO MAN (there, I said it.) hehe... he is always right, too. Well, almost. ;) What is so unusual here is this. We have never met! But he is like a brother to me, and we know each other so very well. He has been a godsend to me, and I will always be indebted to him.
As for the second question... If I grow frustrated because I am unable to do something,
I just slam the keyboard down, curse at my monitor, and then pour a glass of merlot. It all works out in the end. ;)

Why do you think people are interested in your interest or hobby and what
you have to say about it?

Instinct... female intuition. I am, after all, a sorceress. ~^..^~

What compels you to design beautiful pages and to write from the heart
(beyond just the usual question of "why write a Web site")?

Many things compel me. Joy, sadness, desperation, lonliness, love... everything
inspires me. I have a rather large site ( with probably 100 pages of things I have written (poetry/short stories/erotica/humor). Most of them were inspired by someone I fell in love with on the internet, probably unrequited at this point. But ya know... he inspires me still. He is one of the rarities online (a man with a conscience) and
he will always be a part of me, always.