EAGLE~Written By LizyBordom

He soared from the mountain top, the majesty and strength of his wings defying the very wind he so joyously traversed or'e these many years, leaving the solitude of his quiet isolation to those who hadn't heard the thunder below. And soaring through the azure skies with attitude and fervor, he closed his eyes and recalled a time when his country lived in peace and harmony, and terrorist attacks were merely futuristic scenarios set in books of fiction. His heart wrenched as he gazed upon the atrocity below. He was, after all, a creature of nobility and wisdom. And although he had always been considered strong and relentless, watching his people suffer would always bring a tear to his eye. Gathering himself, he folded the deep golden span of his wings tightly to his breast, and plunged toward the earth far below.

He flew into
A new fresh hell
A burning doll
By a wishing well

Shattered hearts
Filled with grief
Devil's fanatic
Diabolical thief

Death and chaos
In the face of the crush
Heroic visions
Within the dust

Evil dined
That September day
Like a ravenous crow
Raping its prey

The eagle watched
From high above
His noble spirit
Filled with love

His talons extended
As he watched the feast
Screeching in angst
Toward the Middle East

His scream could be heard
Throughout the land
It was felt over oceans
Mountains and sand

His spirit soared
Above land and sea
A cry for the dead
The living, the free

Shockingly surreal
To those of us
Who witnessed the horror
Of those who rushed

For that final tread
On that stairway of grief
Life had been good
But so very brief

New day dawning
And we are at war
Our sons go do battle
To even the score

America weeps
At the loss of her lore
Well, Ozzie and Harriet
Live here no more...

The Eagle's talons are strong and fierce, and he inherently knows there is no place for weakness or lack of courage in the bitter cold wasteland of a winter snow. Being of superior vision, he slowly closed his eyes with confidence as he took flight, the 7 foot span of his glorious wings lifting him toward the heavens in one fell swoosh. A lone feather drifted to earth as he soared toward the sun. He would lend courage, strength and ferocity to those defending his great country, and his legacy would thrive for many years to come, of this he was certain. When he was at 100 miles per hour, the heavens opened up, and he knew his lost feather would bring power and glory to the righteous, and peace would once again reign throughout his great land. He soared higher, and yet higher still, and his scream of freedom could be heard not only by those he loved and symbolized, but throughout the entire universe.

Soaring high
In boundless flight
He shadowed the sun
And embraced the plight

Steel yourself
Upon my wing
For I am your heritage
And my hunger is keen

My talons are fierce
But my feathers heal
Together we fly
With purpose and zeal

With infinite grace
The eagle flew
Over land and sea
And his hunger grew

He cried for peace
Wings singed by the sun
Ascending eastward
His quest had begun

I will grasp my prey
He cannot run
My talons sharpen
For my native son

I seek a cave
My fear is nil
This beak will show mercy
By the swiftness of my kill.