A LADY OF SUBSTANCE~Written By LizyBordom
She watched their approach
And she cried from afar
Arm stretched high
Toward a distant star

Nurturing and kind
Steadfast and true
Vigilent and sturdy
She is red, white and blue

And as her nation awoke
On that fateful day
She saluted the sun
And began to pray

And nobody noticed
That she shed a tear
For her nation's foolish
Lack of fear

Her eyes never closed
As the planes swept past
Her shock was all knowing
The die was cast

Her sadness, well...
'Twas beyond belief
But no one noticed
Amidst their grief

Firefighters burning
In the depths of hell
Rescuing souls
While another fell

Religious fanatics
Shot through the sky
And she wept in silence
As her children died

And nobody noticed
As shock turned to fear
The lady in the harbor
Who stood so near

Her spirit was quiet
Intelligent and serene
Her heart was committed
'Fore the first wretched scream

With strength and resolve
She witnessed the crash
Then prayed for the souls
Beneath the ash

And after a time
As the roar died down
She watched as they struggled
For a glimpse of her crown

She then whispered softly
With love and a tear
Have courage, my children
For I am still here

My strength is yours
My value's stand true
Search your heart
And what I mean to you

I am freedom, I am strength
I am warrior, I am grace
My flame burns bright
Through the dark of night

I am the power
Should you grow weak
I am the truth
All men seek

I am beautiful and bold
And I am strong to task
My heart lay bare
And I wear no mask

Not a power exists
That can bring me down
I will always be here
Wearing your crown

I protect and defend
I represent without qualm
I am vibrant and lusty
I am wise, I am calm

Gather strength, my child
For this battle long
I need my children
To be faithful and strong

A new kind of war
To be very sure
So Never waver
And I shall endure

Now dry your eyes
And weep not for me
I will fight and defend
This land of the free!

Our eagle survives
He soars high above
He is filled with aggression
Yet he flys with love

And should your faith falter
Through the blaze of my torch
Or your anger dwell
In the stench of the scorch

Remember this, child
Above all else
Remember America
Have faith in yourself

Birds of prey
Feed off the weak
With flame held high
I protect the meek

I stand steady and dauntless
With a quiet resolve
And the torch that I hold
I grasp without glove

So beware old foes
United we stand
This torch can ignite
At the drop of my hand

A deafening melody
When freedom rings
My children fly
Upon eagle wings...