Toxic Blue~Written By LizyBordom
pretty poison
and toxic blue
throwing shades
of false reality

across a screen
made of something
I don't even

but I see my
reflection there
a mile away and
so unaware

a candle burns in
the distance but
but it's really
so damn close

flickering and fading
rather like an old
once remembered
dream and it's

dripping hot wax
upon the wood
and I care not but
maybe that's good

and the moment
is so brief but
grasp it and
recall the scent

I hold it within
rigidly as if
losing it might
break the spell

toxic desire lay
within what feels
like heaven but
it's really hell

wind-chimes blow
as clouds pass and
I hear a possum
outside in the grass

and a cricket chirps
to a full moon
but is soon gone
without a trace

well perhaps he's
just a little lost
in his inner or
outer space

the stillness can be
infinately lonely but
even silence can
fill a lonely heart

with vivid memories
of his laughter and
love and maybe I am
just growing old but

wasted moments
can sometimes heal
ancient hearts
whatever the hue

though this time I may
replenish with truth
instead of with
toxic blue...


The Sandman