harsh bitter winds
whisper your name
somehow the syllables
are never the same

out my front window
I watch in the dark
snow speckled branches
decorate the park

I see him there
under the lamp
his sillouette still
overcoat damp

blowing smoke rings
against the glass
foggy visions of you
and all that has passed

ice cubes clinking
I gaze at my watch
time stands still
unlike my scotch

my life, my life
lost in confusion
lonely heart
safe in seclusion

a fireplace symphony
burning the bridges
torching life's rocky
love torn ridges

I stand alone
here in the dark
but I see a man
there, in the park

hat tipped low
December eyes
smothered cries

what pain lay there
and what has he lost
was she worth the moment?
was she worth the cost

my life, my life
muddled in illusion
I stare out my window
safe in seclusion

my brave noble tree
illuminates the dark
I stare out my window
overlooking the park

ornaments of old
and popcorn strands
strung to perfection
by my own hands

jazz playing low
my window fogs
my eyes immerse
within crackling logs

and I hear thunder
pounding my earth
screaming reflections
for all that it's worth

in this, my life
I have a choice
I have a heart
and I have a voice

hail against glass
and I feel the rush
it's hungry and bold
like a mistletoe thrush

ice cubes melting
faded scars
hopeful young lovers
toasting the stars

pretty white Christmas
I stand here alone
I stare out the window
in this place I call home

remember, remember
when you held the key
to all that was good
remember me...

a streetlamp glows
in the park, by the tree
and loves patient stranger
stands waiting for me

his love is my magic
like a snowbird on wing
flying home for Christmas
if only in my dream...