bring me to my knees
like a thief of hearts
come calling

A quick jolt of
deadly old pain

wounding words
that we are never
ever really rid of

and I am lost
within the power
of their subtle grip

so I let the music
wrap around this
wretched sadness

losing myself
without hesitation
within the rhythm

and I dance freely
the way sincere love
should be given

moving in slow motion
recalling that ancient
last sweet embrace

searching his eyes and
wishing I had known him
just a little better, wishing

the visual would simply
morph into something
I might possibly abide

until I am once again
trapped by the words
that clutch at my heart

tapping on my back
whispering in my ear
how long, how long

before I am rid of this
haunting memory of
how he died but then

maybe some pains
are meant to be

even if only
for one brief
moment in time...