Tattered~Written By LizyBordom~
like a newly tamed kitten
I purred in expectation
satisfied and assuming
led astray by my own paw

a wild spirit entrapped
by needy demons
in small boxes with
offerings of love, yet

instinctively wise of
that ol' compromise
and dues must be paid
well they must yet

like an addict I dream
of that final thrust with
one final scream and
the beautiful lust and

like a tattered old cat
I make my own way
still blinded by blue
now mixed with gray

lost time can nurture
follow me here
the soul and the
mind and the heart so

no matter the words and
disregarding time, I
refuse to diminish the
wall that I climbed and

I'm forever in awe
he inspired such a life
when he stepped quietly
into mine...