BODY{ Old Stucco~Poetry~
I stare at the ceiling
the stucco takes form
sketching your face
in the midst of a storm

I see your eyes
piercing my soul
I remember our love
and the story it told

so far and away when
my heart was yours
before it was locked
behind closed doors

my eyes start to glaze
as my past takes shape
and I see your silhouette
over there, by the drape

I remember watching
as you walked away
never once looking back
I remember that day

unfinished sculpture
in my stucco sky
faded recollections
refusing to die

eyes half closed
love taking shape
over there, by the door
next to the crate

I've seen it before, I
watched it take flight
seeking redemption
in the heat of the night

lost in thought my
memories stirred
good becomes vivid
the bad, just a blur

creative hearts
weakened resolve
I stare at my fate
taking shape on the wall

my ceiling of stucco
morphing anew in
abstract confusion
and it looks like you

my body burns
as anger fades
and I see your smile
over there, by the shade

forcing me back
to a time of pain
nothing to lose
nothing to gain

cracked stucco dreams
they cut like a knife
a dream I have chased
through the mirror of my life

my fears are intact
from loves old crimes
yet it's your face I see
over there, by the blinds

sketched into stucco
eyes locked through tears
you're whispering softly
of these wasted years

you tug at my heart
and force me to feel
I remember the moment
when my life was real

I remember your strength
legs wrapped 'round mine
I remember you loved me
at some point in time

lost lyrics of love 
coming in from the rain
and I see my life
over there, by the pane

do I remember?
even after the fall?
of course I remember
remember it all...