Shame, Shame
It Creeps Back In
My Saving Grace
My Mortal Sin

Shame On Me
For Loving Him
Much To My
Complete Chagrin

Shame, It Holds Me
In Its Fist
Confess Your Sins
Make A Wish

Shame On You
For Loving Me
To My Regret
So Bourgeoisie

Shame Is Shame Is
All Around
It's In The Stars
And Underground

Shame, Shame
Soothe My Guilt
See Me Blossom
Watch Me Wilt

It Permeates
To The Bone
Shameless Scent
Depraved Cologne

Shameless Passions
Shameless Thoughts
Loving Words
Wicked Plots

Shame The Silence
Of Your Heart
Feel The Beat
A Work Of Art

Guilt Be Gone
From These Eyes
No More Wishful
Vagrant Lies

Shame, Shame
Watch It Hide
Within The Walls
Of Wounded Pride

Senseless Shame
Such A Sin
And Shame On Me
For Loving Him

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Vocal By LizyBordom