Long ago and far away
When I was young and free
I'd hide and seek, I'd seek to hide
Behind my Daddys tree

The gala came so swiftly
I almost failed to see
Dancers in the moonlight
Beckoning to me

And so I followed freely
I danced upon the wing
Clouds appeared, I lost my step
I know why caged birds sing

Time sweeps by so slowly now
But often in my dream
The dancers in the moonlight
Laugh to hide their scream

My heart takes flight, I sing a song
So they might never die
But then I see my father's tree
I wake up, and I cry

Strength and courage has an oak
So it doesn't seem so strange
When the tree is dead and the strength is gone
The courage still remains

So now the dance is ended
And I must go to sleep
I'll close my eyes and fantasize
And pretend I'm on
Val Street...