JULY 4TH_2002
I would like to express my thoughts on this most auspicious of days to all Americans and to those people from all over the world who have viewed my Sleeping Tiger pages and so graciously left your mark in my guestbook. It is an event we would all like to forget, but it is essential that we do not. Please note that a 10th and FINAL page to Sleeping Tiger will be added on September 11th, 2002, and will be titled "Aftermath". For those who are interested, the link to Sleeping Tiger has been added below. And for those who have not viewed it in recent months, all pages have been rewritten and redesigned from scratch. Please remember that audio is present on these pages, and most elements are linked to some very special graphics which open on separate pages. The video's on the Danger Zone page should not be viewed by children. This being said, I wish you all a Happy Independance Day, and may the fireworks soar to the heavens in the spirit of freedom, peace and harmony! It is what we as a free nation stand for and something we must never forget or lose sight of.
My Bad? :)~