Aftermath~September 11th, 2002
Wake Up, Wake Up
You Sleepy Head
Wake Up, Wake Up
Get Out Of Bed

His Sweet Daughter Yawned
As He Furled His Brow
A Year Had Swept By
They Had Made It, Somehow

"Oh, Daddy, Daddy...
Mommy Was Here!
In The Middle Of The Night
And She Stood So Near"

"Hush, Hush, Little Girl
Mommy Lives High Above
She Flys With The Angels
And She Soars With The Dove"

He Held Her Close
As Her Body Shook
And She Finally Cried
But He Couldn't Look

I remember boarding a plane in December of 2001. I was flying out of John Wayne Airport en route to Sacramento to spend Christmas with family members, and I had a desperate need to see my mother. I was searched at the gate. They took my fingernail nippers out of my purse and kept them. They asked me to remove my deerskin ugboots, which I did without hesitation. In fact I was grateful for the precautions. I boarded last, of course. I was terribly frightened, as I am sure many of us were after the attack on 9/11. I ended up seated at the back of the plane with three men and a young female Asian student. I ordered a Bloody Mary and said a silent prayer as we took flight, gripping the armrests and closing my eyes as the plane soared toward the heavens. No one spoke.

He Held Her Close
As His Little Girl Cried
Heart Drenched In Sadness
Eyes Dead And Dried

And Stroking Her Hair
He Began To Tear
At His Motherless Child
Consumed With Fear

He Whispered "Sweet Angel...
Never, Ever Fear
Mommy Is Watching!
And Daddy Is Near"

The Little Girl Gazed
Into Her Father's Eyes
Staring Out The Window
Watching Sunrise...

Lost In Thought
Holding Her Tight
Diminishing Visions
Blending With Light

This Small Child
Against His Chest
Hard To Explain
Why Mommy Left

I landed safely, but I could sense the fear all around me. I could see it in the body movements of those rushing to meet their loved ones. But within that fear I also saw pride and courage. It is what this country was built on, and that is one aspect of our heritage that will never diminish. We are all afraid of something, whether we admit it or not. But always remember, out of fear comes a strength and a resilience we may have never known existed within ourselves. And out of chaos, comes organization.

My Sweet Angela
Mommy Is Here
She Is Within You
You've Nothing To Fear

It Was Her Job
You Know She Flew
But Her Path Was Always
To Get Back To You

Angela, Listen Closely
And Hold Daddy Tight
She Watches, You Know
She Does, Every Night!

She Looks For Your Smile
She Kisses Your Bear
That's Her In The Stars!
You See? Over There!

I flew home a week later. I was the last to board (fear again). There was one seat available between two men. I smiled apologetically for the intrusion, sat down, and strapped myself in. When the engines were in full throttle, I began to tense. I closed my eyes and prayed. The gentleman seated to my left gently took my hand and said, "Take a deep breath and relax. You are in safe hands." He happened to be an "off-duty" pilot for that airline. He drew me into conversation like the wonderful intuitive man that he is, and it continued throughout the one hour flight. I will always be indebted to him for that. I was very scared, and I am not at all embarassed to admit that. We are now good friends, although I am still scared to fly. But I will not hesitate to board a plane and take flight. I may have fears, but I will never let them win.

"Oh Daddy, I See Her!
She's Smiling At Me!
She's Blowing Me Kisses!
Do You Not See?

Oh, Daddy... She's Crying
At Faith That You Lack
Daddy, Please Daddy
Bring Mommy Back!"

He Wondered How She Knew
Of His Shattered Dreams
Of His Broken Spirit
Of His Silent Screams

And As Angela Wept
On Her Father's Chest
He Quietly Laid
Her Mother To Rest

A year has passed since the tragic events of 9/11. We as a nation and we as individuals still mourn the atrocity and all that we lost, as well we should. Let us not forget those who perished in the rhelm of that madness, and what they may be thinking at this moment in time. They are looking down upon us and the loved ones they left behind. They are angels now. They are strong, vigilent and uncompromising, and they are watching. Bless them, and may we, as the unique individuals and as the loving and strong nation that we are, make them proud.

He Just Never Saw
In His Tormented Year
How Angela Grieved
Without Shedding A Tear

Holding Her Close
He Whispered A Prayer
And Angela Wept
As He Stroked Her Hair

He Whispered Softly
And Let Her Cry
Your Mama Was Brave
And She Knew How To Fly...

This page is dedicated to the courageous pilots and flight attendants on board flights bound toward destinations unknown to them at the time on September 11th, 2001.

May their souls rest in peace... their spirit and courage remain behind, and in tact.