BEAT OF THE DRUM~Written By LizyBordom~

Beat the drum
So slowly
And I will
Do a dance

I'll wrap my arms
Around your soul
I'll put you
In a trance

Beat the drum
So slowly
And follow
Where I lead

I'll cast a wicked
Spell on you
But only I
Will bleed

We'll trip the
Light fantastic
Then climb
Upon a star

I'll let you ride me
To the moon
You won't know
Where you are

Your heart will
Be on fire
As the rhythm
Starts to flame

Your temperature
Will rise so high
You'll never
Be the same

And when we see
That falling star
Shoot by us
In the night

We'll catch a private
Magic ride
And fall to
Unknown heights

Beat the drum
So slowly
And wake up
Where I dream

Your hungry heart
And soul are mine
I want to hear
You scream

Now beat the drum
So slowly
And let me
Do my dance

For all the lonely
Hungry hearts
That died from
Their romance...