Sleeping Tiger~Written By LizyBordom
They Hi-Jacked Our Planes
Our Flag Was Their Cover
Through Bright Morning Sun
Disguised As Our Brother

Our Planes Were Their Guns
Our Patriots, The Powder
The Horror And The Screams
Grew Uglier And Louder

America Was Naive
And Then She Grew Numb
And Evil Reigned
On Day 911

America The Beautiful
Lay Battered And Bruised
Heaven Help Those Cowards
We Will Not Be Abused!

Remember That Day
In Nineteen And Forty One?
Planes Swept Through The Skies
In The Midst Of The Dawn

They Woke A Sleeping Tiger
With The Rising Of The Sun
They Regretted That Attack
When The Battle Was Done

Bastard Terrorists Listen Closely
There Is Nowhere You Can Run
You Have Foolishly Disturbed
That Tiger's Sleeping Son

A Fireball Erupts
On The 90th Floor
Five Thousand Dead
Or Could There Be More

In The Name Of Religion?
A Coward's Way Out
A Proud Nation Grieves
But Be There No Doubt

This They Overlooked
As Their Evil Drew Near
The Heart Of This Nation
Whose Motto Rings Clear

In God We Trust
Hear Our Plea
Let Freedom Ring
Don't Tread On Me!

The Walking Wounded
The Ungrateful Dead
In The Name Of Religion?
Well, Take Heed My Friend

They Killed And They Maimed
The Innocent And The Meek
This Tiger Is AWAKE!
And Justice He Will Seek

And Be Not Surprised
As You Hear The Chime
Glorious Bell

Justice WILL Be Served
Upon Those Who Deserve
As We Watch Their Souls
Plunder To Hell...