I Confess~ :O
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Just For The Record, I Would Like Everyone Who Views This Site To Know This:

I have never been politically inclined OR correct, although as a child I sang for the American Legion during the holidays at my father's request
(Call me fearless... he was Commander)

I am really rather middle aged
(Let's not go there)

I know very little about politics
(Call me ignorant)

I am probably cynical and I am a liberal at heart
(Call me deranged)

I spent time at Haight-Ashbury
(Call my mother)

I sang Rock and Roll for a living
(So what)

I am adding this page for those who choose to NOT sign my guestbook for the wrong reasons. It was recently brought to my attention that my Sleeping Tiger site may make me appear to be a war monger. I am not. However, I have perhaps grown "old" without realizing it, and the thought of succumbing to men in headdresses scares me. And whatever would they do with my parrot of 23 years? That scares me even more. And God only knows what they would use my 100 year old turtle for. Probably soup, since most of them are starving. Bottom line is this...

I wrote these pages beginning immediately after the attacks on September 11th, and these were MY feelings during THAT time. I wrote with anger, pain, humility and fear. To be quite honest, I sometimes read these pages and cringe because there are parts that seem SO not me. But guess what. They were, and probably are. Things change.

I think there may be times we read and view things that happen from afar through rose colored glasses. At least I sometimes do. I detest war, and I always have. It's a little different though when it appears at your front door, isn't it. What I saw on September 11th was on a small screen, and it terrified me. There are those (and I was one) who would say "make love, not war". Do you know what it is that I envision at that moment? I see my precious aged mother standing in her doorway facing men who would harm her, and my hair instinctively stands on end. Call me shallow, call me uninformed... I am probably both to an extent (my turtle would disagree). Patriotism aside, my thoughts (as a universal woman) are that this crazy world is what it is and will be for a long time to come. Mankind made it that way. We have always been a world at war, always. And regardless of how intellectual and liberal and peace loving our thoughts may be, we will ALWAYS instinctively defend what we love, it is our nature as human beings to do so. Instincts are rather scary, are they not?

But sometimes, we must trust them.



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