A Private Beach~Erotica~Please Leave Now If You Are Not Of Legal Age~
She breezed down the highway with the top down on her little black Miata, hair blowing in reckless abandon. It was one of those glorious southern California mornings that could so easily seduce her into dropping everything for a day at the beach. There was a steady hot wind blowing and she welcomed it by holding her head high as she drove, as if sacrificing her face to the Gods. Bad for the skin, so what. She could still hold her own quite well thank you, regardless of her age.

The freeway ended and she wound her way toward Balboa Island. She glanced at all the unique shops and cafe's en route. She had always loved this area and had been going to her little private beach for 20 some odd years. It was tucked away at the end of the coast highway in a residential section and was generally only used by those who were lucky enough to own summer homes there. It was a weekday so the streets were quiet and cars were scarce. The summer had not quite begun so many of the houses were still vacant, preparing for their owners to grace them with their seasonal presence.

She studied the quaint cottages and homes as she passed and wondered what it must be like to live in a house where all one had to do was walk out a french door to see ocean waves splashing and yachts lazily making their way to the nearby harbor. What a sweet life.

She arrived at the familiar little side street that dead ended at a private walkway and parked. There wasn't a soul in sight as she gathered her things and began the short trek down the hot cement to the mound of sand that had been her secluded little spot all these many years. The salty ocean breeze and the sound of crashing waves assaulted her senses, and she felt a sudden stirring between her tanned legs. It always affected her like this, making her crave these solitary beach days on a weekly basis... beginning in the spring, throughout the summer and even into the fall.

She spread her large turquoise cotton blanket between the two small dunes, setting the radio on the right and the cooler to her left. She slipped off her thongs and T-shirt and, after adjusting her skimpy suit, sat like an Indian taking in the tranquility of the sea before her. Soft, seductive music played from the radio and a sense of complete privacy with the planet swept over her. She smiled as she massaged Bain De Soliel into her skin, watching a man far off in the distance romp with his small son at the waters edge. She stretched out and began to daydream.

Two hours passed quickly as the soft music from her radio accompanied the surf, and her mind traveled to far off places. They were places she would never visit, but their decadent and exotic allure raped her senses as the noon day sun beat down upon her sun-drenched body. Her clitoris was throbbing and she could feel the sticky wetness in the crotch of her bikini by the time the scenario inside her head peaked. Had a dozen men surrounded her at that moment, she would have spread her tanned legs as wide as possible and begged them to fuck any oriface they wanted. The hot brisk wind didn't help. Before turning over she sat up and breathed deeply. She hungrily devoured chunks of watermelon, cold and crisp from the cooler, savoring the sweetness as she looked out upon the ocean. After she finished, she discreetly created a small mound in the damp sand beneath her blanket. Position was everything. She stretched out on her stomach and rested her head on a small pillow. She stared at the magnificent homes now facing her... mansion cottages... yes, that's exactly what they reminded her of, and she pondered the faceless windows and empty patios with a certain curiosity. She closed her eyes and continued to drift.

He had been watching for hours with his usual intense curiosity. He had seen her periodically throughout the years, always choosing the same spot to bask in the sun, right between those two small sand dunes. Her routine never failed to give him an erection. He slowly rubbed himself as he peered at her through his telescope through the french door on his upper balcony. The glass was tinted so he knew she was unaware of his presence. He wondered where she came from and where her thoughts took her as she baked on his beach. Four hours in all, and it never varied. From 10:00 am. until 2:00 pm. every damn time. He smiled as his cock stiffened. He knew her routine so very well.

His telescope was state of the art, so he didn't miss a beat. She made her small mound beneath her blanket and glanced around to make certain no people were close by. And as always, she stretched out like a sneaky feline anticipating something tasty nearby. It was merely a question of patience.

He watched intently as she began to grind slowly, mound against mound. His pulse quickened and he began to stroke. She was getting close, and he could sense the beginning of her crescendo . He looked down and saw pre-cum glistening on the head of his engorged cock and imagined himself down there on the sand, grabbing her hair and forcing it down her throat to quench her thirst.

She knew she was almost there. It never took very long once she turned over. Her hand slid inside her satchel and running her long fingers over the contents, located the metal cigar case she knew so well. Her glazed eyes quickly scanned the beach, making certain no one had invaded her space. She slid the cold metal into the panty of her skimpy suit with one smooth movement, placing it perfectly between her swollen lips. The moment the hard metal touched her raging and moist clit she let out a soft moan and began to slowly undulate. She was so close.

He was about to explode when he saw her slide the cigar casing between her legs. There was something so nasty about it. He wondered if she ever smoked them. He could see the beautiful wild flowers and beach foliage that surrounded his open patio swaying to and fro from the hot summer winds, and he began to stroke like a wild man lost within an insatiable, decadent dream. She always had this affect on him. He gripped the telescope with his left hand, keeping it close against one eye as he masturbated to her sexual frenzy. He was almost there.

The hot, sultry beach winds came at her from every angle, and her mind reeled. The cold metal was hot and slippery against her hard and aching clitoris. Her eyes were closed and she could hear the ocean waves crashing onto the shore as she began to grind at a faster pace. She heard the lone cry of a seagull overhead as the sun beat down upon her back. When her explosion began, she arched her body for that one final thrust against her secret mound, metal against clit and, staring directly into those french doors in the distance, she unleashed her sexual soul without making a sound. Her climax had lasted one full minute, but it took her ten to recover.

His orgasm had been intense and coincided with hers as if it had been rehearsed. He supposed it had, in a way. He thought about her quite often and, when the winters gave way to spring, he always anticipated her return to his beach. He felt connected to her in some way. He didn't understand why, and he never questioned it.

She casually gathered her things and prepared to leave the beach. He watched as she calmly made her way from the hot sand to the secluded concrete walkway, leaving the ocean and her private little sand dune behind. And as she passed by, she slowly looked up toward his balcony. His eyes fastened on hers, and he wondered what she would think had she known he had been watching her through this tinted glass, masturbating along with her for more summers than he cared to admit. He looked at his watch and smiled. It was precisely 2:00 pm.

The winds had died down and the temperature began to drop. She felt relaxed and energized at the same time. Her reclusive hours at the beach always did that to her. She started her car and as she drove away, she turned to look at the front of that beautiful cottage mansion she loved so much. She smiled and wondered what he would do if her awareness of his presence ever came to light. She slid two fingers into her vagina as she sped away, then pulled them out and took in her sweet, musky aroma as the wind blew against her hair. She laughed softly to herself in amusement. Another beautiful day at the beach and she could never get enough. A seagull flew overhead, bidding her adieu as her car quickly disappeared into the speeding traffic.

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