I have something to tell you
I regret nothing
and I love you

listen closely
do you hear that?
it's my heart

lay your palm
upon my breast and
know that every beat
is your footstep

if you lifted my heart
to your ear
you alone would hear
my finest song

when you feel the wind
it is me
whispering your name

when I dream
it is your face I see
slowly fading
into the clouds

'til it is forever lost
but I have something
to tell you, my love
a secret

listen closely
feel my warm breath
my tongue
upon your lobe

I never had Paris
I never had Rome
but I had you briefly
you are my own secret

olives, dangling like earrings
from a tree in Italy
we drank wine and
I offered you an olive branch

ssh, I've a secret to tell
come closer
I have from the start
always loved you...