they beckon me
in quiet moments
threatening me
with exposure

little memories
wickedly taunt
my composure

close your eyes
search his face, a
mood altering drug
I simply can't erase

erotic stimulation
blinding from within
another night alone
another mortal sin

let it go
feel the pain
a sudden drizzle
torrential rain

into the looking glass
smiling softly, I stare
who is this stranger
lurking there?

a devil
a screamer
an angel
a dreamer

moods betray
looks deceive
avoid the heart
upon my sleeve

perhaps you see
beyond the mirror
through the facade
and past the fear

mood swings
desperate cries
she stands bemused
over sweet little lies

moody blues
behind the door
shadow dance
across the floor

savor the music
ignore that alarm
close your eyes
dismiss the charm

excuse me, sir
don't mean to be rude
I'd ask you to dance
but I'm not in the mood

kiss her quick
before she fades
close the door and
draw the shades

sweet Jesus
just give me
one moment
of calm with

strong arms
'round my body
that will stay
through the dawn

give me a beach
to bake and bask
fuel my energy
forsake the past

shove me up
against the wall
another mood
another call

whispering winds
free my spirit
my heart races
refusing to fear it

it being love
love being you
catch me I'm falling
into the mood

and like a feather I
float into the abyss
of a thousand emotions
from a myriad of years and

invading my entire
being, without asking
I embrace them
in defeat...

Sketch by Serpetent